So, I got on the metro this morning with my earbuds in jamming out to some tunage on my iPhone, singing along per usual. And in China I’ve become somewhat accustomed to seeing funny clothing. For example, shirts with the wrong spelling in English (Burberry- Bruberry) or shoes that challenge any sort of comfort level.

Couldn’t help myself from laughing out loud during the middle of one of my favorite jams when I saw the shirt this Chinese girl was wearing. She had all of the features of a Chinese girl, a little darker skinned, non of the hair dye that is so popular here in Shanghai. But her shirt said,”Life is better blonde.” Life is better blonde, eh? (That phrase has always made me spite the fact that I have blonde hair. Something about it implies that every person with blonde hair wants you to know their lives are somehow better than everyone else’s due to the coloration of their hair.)

Nometheless, I couldn’t help but chuckle about it considering she was the furthest thing from blonde. Next time, I HAVE to sneak a picture

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Jul 25
Morning metro
Jul 24

Mall/art gallery K11. A unique collection smattered throughout high end shopping mall. #K11 #art #gallery #Shanghai

Mar 14

play and press repeat

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Feb 24

hot djamn, this band is hot

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Feb 23

can’t get outta my head

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Feb 7


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Jan 25

jamn of the day for sure. saw the tune-yards perfom at my first #bonnaroo. loop game tight.

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Jan 23


Fight Club minus Tyler Durden

Jan 22

Really digging the lo-fi sound recently. Check it.

Jan 20

sweet new jam I heard. If you use spotify and enjoy checking out new music daily, check out my buddy Jacob’s playlist ┬áVERY GOOD. He seems to know what’s good.

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